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Welcome to The Bull Moose

Teddy Roosevelt has made multiple visits to Omaha, Nebraska in the past, but one sticks out as memorable to this historic Field Club neighborhood!


The mural on the wall is a photo of the former President addressing the crowd on one of the Field Club greens in 1910.


Mr. Theodore Roosevelt was President of the United States from 1901-1909. After seeing how his predecessor, President Taft ran things, he fought hard to win the Republican nomination for the 28th Presidency, with the new Bull Moose party. He failed to win! He still didn’t win in 1912 but he did accomplish a lot in his time in office.


Teddy Roosevelt was famous for the curation of several national parks, monuments, and forests. Some of those park posters are hanging on the wall. The drink, El Morro, is named after one of his monuments in New Mexico.


He cared about conservation and big game hunting. The elk on the wall is the Roosevelt Elk, named after Teddy, by his good friend C. Hart Merriam, while Roosevelt was serving as Assistant Secretary to the U.S. Navy in 1897. It was donated by a neighbor in Field Club and was mounted in 1920.


The Bull Moose on the wall is obviously just too cool. His name is Montee.

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